Poll – What is Architecture nowadays?


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6 Responses to “Poll – What is Architecture nowadays?”
  1. bdolan2 says:

    Being an aspiring architect, I really struggled with the above poll. In my heart, I believe that architecture can be a profession that is “responsible for our connection to the real world”. However, in my experience at the bottom of the creative totem poll in the business of architecture, it more resembles a technical industry where being savvy at a particular computer program is sometimes given more important than design abilities.

    Perhaps people with more control over the creative process can weigh with their opinions, but currently, I feel like the second option is most truthful for me.

  2. Tor says:

    Architecture is what the designer wants it to be. If he’s an artist, then the field is art. If he’s a businessman, then it’s a job.

  3. Ilana says:

    I actually think that architecture is ALL three choices!!! Nothing is ever black and white. But if you’d want me to pick “the best answer” (like on multiple choice tests) then #3 is by far the most realistic one. Thanks – it was fun 🙂

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