Architecture is above the abbreviations

“Quidquid discis, tibi discis.” (Whatever you learn, you learn it for yourself.)


Raw ideas, formal attitude & Leopold Ritter von Sacher-Masoch.

I like my blog. I have no intentions to praise myself. That would be a childish bravado. It’s your call my readers. You are those who evaluate my blog, who decide how smart (or stupid), funny (or boring), creative (or plain) it is. Whether or not it worth your precious time at all.

Then what am I talking about? Let me explain. Writing a blog keeps me in perfect intellectual shape. I learn new things, read tons of books. I practically don’t watch TV. I like the fact that I have a blog. But most of all I like being able to organize a chaotic stream of my professional thoughts and to put it on paper (or rather on the monitor). I try to do it in style (you know all these Latin quotes, elegant illustrations, lame jokes…) and I share it with the public. So far I have enjoyed it enormously. Even when you trash and slash me. What a sadomasochistic pleasure. (By the way do you know that yesterday was 175 yrs since Leopold Ritter von Sacher-Masoch was born… speaking of “new things” and a lot of reading…) Anyway, jokes aside, I respect myself for running a blog. That’s why I like it and that’s why I have it. (Knowing that some folks hate my guts for the same reason makes it even more satisfying. I’ve already mentioned it in my S&M passage…)

So I was thinking about the form. Why I’m always trying to produce lengthy and neatly formulated essays. Not always it’s coming out great, not always I have time for that (I run blog in 2 languages!), not always I am inspired to do a full article. Oh yeah, you need an inspiration for this. This is not my commercial duty but an intellectual fun, a spiritual call. And since I am not using Lysergic Acid Diethylamide (reading people, reading!), since I don’t jumpstart myself chemically I can’t hallucinate creatively all the time. My only creative habit was smoking… I quit it 28 days ago and it ain’t helping either. (Albert, common stop bullshitting!) Well, here’s what I am trying to say. I want to pay more attention to the content itself while being less concerned about the form in which this content is presented.

It doesn’t mean that I will stop posting detailed articles about the important issues. Of course not, but it means that this is not the only form I can use to express myself. It also means that I don’t have to be always directly focused on the professional architecture. After all, our entire world is a great example of a major creation by a very powerful Architect.

Bottom line – I will allow myself to be much freer formally, i.e. along with the complete essays I’ll post some outrageous not so perfectly formulated thoughts or lucid dreams burried in my not so healthy mind. It’s gonna be brief, rough and funky. And it’s not gonna be “strictly architecture”. I believe that occasionally those fragmentary reflections, comments and bizarre visions might have some philosophical value. (Calm down, Albert, calm down…)

Every now and then I provide a comment on different websites or forums. At times it comes out so radiant, so eccentric that I find it published on the other sites. Apparently that comment touches on some worthy matters. So why not to publish it here, regardless of it’s unpolished linguistics and a raw shape. Verba volant, scripta manent (Spoken words fly away, written ones stay.) Maybe this rawness is a big deal.

So with your silent approval I’m going to be less formal. I promise: the creativeness, roughness & strangeness will stay. And if you hate it…. you can always elegantly trash me in your comments, you know I enjoy it…

Here is one of my emotional comments I’ve posted recently on a very heated professional discussion.


Architecture is above the abbreviations.

Thanks for reading my blog. You find it aggressive? Yes, it’s not a syrupy romance about some pink flowers.

Have you seen “AIA” or any other abbreviation on my blog? In my 40 or so posts I’ve never put a particular organization as a central topic. Never. Please if you criticize me – be precise & objective. I don’t care about AIA, OAA, RIBA or any other specific structures. I’m above it. Architecture is above it. These organizations might be helpful for the profession at the very beginning (100 years ago) & destructive for the profession at the end (which is now)… but it doesn’t matter. They will die, yet architecture will stay. I discuss philosophical & intellectual issues here, not administrative problems of some temporary bodies. I think in different categories: chaos, anarchy, freedom, hate, love. Not a “short-term profit making” or “structural reforms” in some idiotic institutions. I am talking abstract not specifics. And that’s the purpose of my blog.

Of course I support my vision & my ideas with authentic samples, real names, true events. I don’t live on Mars. But I don’t care about architects’ institutional status or ridiculous abbreviations.

Here’s an example. To me “A State” (or “A Government” if you wish) is the highest Evil. Yet I realize that we cannot exist without a mechanism of State. (People are not ready for that.) It means that even though I comply with all the laws, pay taxes, behave as an exemplary citizen – I will never be a part of the political system and I will never run for any governmental office. It goes against my principles. I am ready to work for the governmental organizations as a private entity, I will gladly design a school, a community center, a governmental office building, but I’ll do it as a professional who serves the client – not as part of the state department. I hope you understand me & if you read my blog try to relate to its content more philosophically.

Forget about the American Institute of Architects, Royal Institute of British Architects or any other association with the loud name. It’s all temporary, relative, passing. While Life is infinite. And when we all have our heart attack HE won’t ask us about the membership fees or the abbreviations behind our names. Don’t you think so?



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