Life after Death

As I always say – my site isn’t about architecture only, it’s about Life. Life through the lens of an art. So how can we miss such an important aspect of Life as Death? That’s why the moment I read about this funky idea I could not just walk by. I’ve contacted the writer & she kindly agreed to be a guest blogger. Thank you, Teodora. (Accidentally a publication presenting such a cool way of dying happens on Friday 13th. Accidentally?)


This Awesome Urn Will Turn You into a Tree After You Die 

by Teodora Zareva | “Design for Good” Blog


You don’t find many designers working in the funeral business thinking about more creative ways for you to leave this world (and maybe they should be). However, Spanish designer Martin Azua has combined the romantic notion of life after death with an eco solution to the dirty business of the actual, you know, transition.

His Bios Urn is a biodegradable urn made from coconut shell, compacted peat and cellulose and inside it contains the seed of a tree. Once your remains have been placed into the urn, it can be planted and then the seed germinates and begins to grow. You even have the choice to pick the type of plant you would like to become, depending on what kind of planting space you prefer.



I, personally, would much rather leave behind a tree than a tombstone.



As a PostScript I’d like to quote some of the comments that was left on Teodora’s blog…


Victor Vinoda:Originally I wanted to be launched to space. but this seems to be much more useful.

Yu-Jen Chang:Great idea!…but can I get a “keep doggie out” fence around by tree? : )

Charles Knight:…yeah now i can come back as a pot plant….

Stephanie Boon:And what happens if you don’t germinate? Do you get your money back?!

Oscar Salguero:Cool! As long nobody cuts your tree reincarnation to build a housing or a new mall

Steve King: ..Got a spot picked out already. Great place for another rhodie…


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