This piece came to me in a dream. So thank you my crazy Muse of dreams…



What does that mean: to be an Architect? If you’re the one you should know that the real architect…



A pocalyptically evaluates any idea, coming not from his own genius mind, as a fatal mistake

R easonably suggests that our world is ugly, since God hasn’t consulted him while designing it

C harismatically talks about an utter nonsense actively using an idiom “Fuck me!”

H ere & there this nonsense becomes a complete load of crap, yet charisma always comes first!

 I nstantaneously goes crazy when somebody doubts his Divine Origin and ability to fly

T akes seriously every tiny detail (architectural 11th commandment says: Devil is in the details)

E ats sushi with the client in a hip bar knowing that a bagel on the construction-site is way tastier

C onstantly is learning to fly trying to reach the sun yet always gets crushed by that ugly world

T ries to reach the sun again & again, ‘cause real architect lives and dies only flying high



P.S. Of course you can replace “his” with “her”. It’s absolutely relevant for ladies as well. I just wanted to keep it super-brief. Real architect is never a “sexist”.

Listen to the lyricsFuck me! But it’s so magical…



6 Responses to “A.R.C.H.I.T.E.C.T.”
  1. Sounds like the architect is egotistical, arrogant, self-grandizing…
    Love the bit about the sushi eating vs. bagel with cream cheese. If i had to choose, yes, it would be a toasted plain bagel with cream cheese and strawberry jam.

    • Albert says:

      Apparently he (she) is… He also knows how to fly, isn’t that cool?
      And don’t forget about “charisma”…

    • Fred says:

      That sounds like a good bagel, smoked salmon and cream cheese is always good too!

      I’ve never worked it out – what is the point of sushi anyway?

      • Albert says:

        The point of “sushi” is to make a deal with a Devil (or if you wish to work out the contract with the Client) so later on he (Devil/Client) will pay you enough money for a bagel…

  2. pbhj says:

    Your dreams are pretty derivative for a hipster … Icarus falling is so pre CE.

  3. eatmetiger says:

    funny/however, I like sushi)

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