People & Architecture


People willingly believe what they want to believe.

Gaius Julius Caesar



We never judge people by the exterior look only.

We listen to their talks, we watch their behavior, we analyze their moral positions.

  • Then why we judge architecture by the facades only?

We don’t listen to the project’s atmosphere, we don’t watch building’s functional performance, we don’t analyze plans or details.

And yet we judge…



We hate fake personalities.

We don’t appreciate phony manners, we don’t accept false emotions, we reject imitations and seek for the fresh new ideas.

  • Then why we like those fake architectural classics?

We enjoy those phony white-plastic columns, we accept fake details, we promote cheap imitations of the pseudo-classical projects and reject an innovative architectural approach.

Don’t you find it weird?…



We never kill old people.

We know they are weak, we understand they are not always in a perfect shape…

We realize though that beyond their poor physical conditions old people have so many things we can learn from.

  • Then why we kill (destroy, demolish, flatten) old buildings?

We know the foundations might be weak, we understand the structural elements are not always in tact…

And yet we don’t realize that beyond some physical deterioration there are so many things we can learn from.


You don’t have to be an architect to feel the architecture.

Just like there’s no necessity of being a shrink in order to figure out people.

All you need is a common sense, adequate principles and a simple understanding… that buildings… just like people have a soul.

That’s all.



2 Responses to “People & Architecture”
  1. Jeremiah says:

    “We never judge people by the exterior look only.” – this is a joke right? Or is this a Canadian thing? 😛
    “We hate fake personalities.” – …again, really?! Have you never seen an episode of Jersey Shore or The Real Housewives or American Idol?
    “We never kill old people.” – ….ok, I’ll give you that one. 😛
    “You don’t have to be an architect to feel the architecture.” – dude…keep your hands to yourself. There are children watching! Ugh. Jeez.
    Seriously though, the average public hasn’t a clue what architecture is or it’s feeling or even sometimes it’s function (read Frank Gehry). They see a building purely at face value based on whatever bias they bring to the table that has been fed to them by media, flashy archi-mags and the last Lexus commercial they saw. And sadly, architects are falling in line with the mob mentality.

    • Albert says:

      “…sadly, architects are falling in line with the mob mentality” and therefore architecture as a profession is in constant process of degradation – financially, socially and even philosophically.

      Well… at least we don’t kill old people. Yet.

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