This is MADness


This is MADness. | King Leonidas, “300” the movie


I’ve already shared my vision about an internet as a world wide junkyard full of surprises… So I found another pearl amidst billions of fakes. This piece is amazing from any angle. The cinematography of the video is breathtaking. The philosophical allegory between the horse and the building is impeccable. And the architecture is… o my God! …I’ll say it… the architecture is divine!

I also thought to myself about a bizarre thing called unappreciation. This beauty is designed by the young Chinese architect in the Inner Mongolia region. If it would be done by some fancy starchitect in Europe or US the media would be all over the place praising the greatness of the maestro. And here… here is nothing… 30 “likes” on the Vimeo board. I am sure that if it would be Zaha or Libeskind it would get 30 thousand “likes”.

Unfortunately our world is not a very fair-minded place. And for many people a brand name attached to the project matters more than the project itself.  Well… not to me.

Enough words. Some emotions you cannot describe. So just relax and watch. It’s hypnotizing. If you watch it for the first time – I envy you.



Ordos Museum, by ‘MAD architects’, Beijing

Description of the project as provided by the authors on Vimeo Channel


Located in Ordos, Inner Mongolia, the Art and City Museum is a crossroads for a community working to interpret its local traditions in a new urban context.

Commissioned by the Municipal Government of Ordos in 2005 after the urban master plan for a new metropolis on the plains was drawn, but not yet constructed, MAD envisioned a futuristic dome to protect the cultural history of the region and refute the reality of the rational new city outside.

The completion of the museum offers a moment of pause in a city which has seen no end to construction. In this vital space where the past and the contemporary are joined, people can meet with art and with each other, giving new spirit to this young community.


One Response to “This is MADness”
  1. Aidar says:

    Beautiful. Horse particularly.

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