Anatomy of Architecture


I am tired of fighting the thieves. I am an architect not a detective… and poetry is much closer to me than a journalistic investigation. So let’s forget about the politics and the plagiarism… and let’s have a pure architectural fun. Here’s my little Twitter poem…


Anatomy of Architecture


I see lie in the radius of your smile… I am an architect. )

I see sadness in the angle of the raised eyebrows… I am an architect.  / \

I see intellect in the slope of a forehead… I am an architect.  /



I see shame in the bend of your spine… I am an architect.  (

I see pain in the turn of your neck… I am an architect.  J

I see fury in the squares of your fists… I am an architect.  [ ] [ ]

I see evil in the zigzag of your twisted arms… I am an architect.  Z



I see tenderness in the curve of your wrist… I am an architect.  ~

I see passion in the arch of your hips. … I am an architect.  ( )

I see love in the triangle of your mons pubis… I am an architect.   \/

I see harmony in the circle of your eye… I am an architect.   O



I see wisdom in the grid of your wrinkles… I am an architect.  #

I see dream in the dash-lines of your eyelashes… I am an architect.   ||||  ||||

I see death in the trajectory of your fall… I am an architect.  _____


In the ideal geometry of your body I see an Architect… I am God. ∞



This series of poetic tweets I have written during the last few weeks when I went through the very difficult period in my life… Some private issues that have nothing to do with the architecture. And as my situation was growing tougher the tweets were becoming more elegant…  Bizarre isn’t it?



13 Responses to “Anatomy of Architecture”
  1. Julie says:

    These are beautiful – I hope that your difficult period is over X

  2. Paul Uchenna says:

    Albert, You touch all of us architects. This is simply beautiful. If pain brings this out of you, then seek for ways to make your pains productive. Get out of the pain and go on. The last one about God is simply apt, very apt. I wish you well.

    • Albert says:

      Thank you, Paul… I hate my pain. But it is productive. I wrote this piece after all.
      We don’t measure productivity in financial units. We are architects. $ LOL…

  3. miphz says:

    omg, its bizzare … 😀

  4. Michelle says:

    Beautiful and interesting.

  5. Spiros says:

    Dear Albert, it looks to me that you’re a lot more than an Architect. Take care!

  6. Alina says:

    If we feel the pain, then we are alive. I hope that the pain will become a memory and serve for you the road to a wonderful achievements. Regrets.

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