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I bet you’re a bit surprised, my dear reader.
About me? What all these “abouts” are about? – asking you. Well, asking is good. I don’t believe in curiosity “killing the cat”. I’d say curiosity is what differs between the human beings and the other creatures; it moves us forward and makes us stronger. So first of all you are curious, my reader.  And that’s fantastic.

Now let’s play Sherlock Holmes. I can’t say whether you are male or female (should I mention transgenders to be perfectly politically correct?), tall or short, hot-tempered or calm and relaxed.

But some things I know for sure.

  • Your English is fine. C’mmon that was easy, it’s just a warm-up though. By the way, fine doesn’t mean native (it’s obviously not a native language for me either)
  • You are smart. Accept it as a fact not as a compliment – the web is full of cool news about Lindsay Lohan’s girlfriends and free erotic pictures of the highest quality and yet you are here, reading my chaotic thoughts on such weird and outmoded topics as beauty, harmony, art and architecture; if that’s not smart then I don’t know what “smart” is about.
  • You are NOT lazy. It took you to click on 2… maybe 3 pages till you got here, it’s a clear sign that intellectually you are ready to go distances . Today, in the internet world, 2-3 clicks on the same site are a huge distance.
  • You are NOT necessarily architect. F*ck it! I am writing not about the technicality of architecture, but about the world through the lens of art.
  • You are young. Listen, you know it – being young has nothing to do with the age. F*ck it too! It is all in our mind. And I am sure as hell that person who reads this weird cocktail of themes from Led Zeppelin to Michelangelo (even if it is all served under the architectural dressing), cannot be mentally old. He is like a child building his tower from the plastic cups…

You are definitely in love with this freaking world of ours, my dear reader. You are screwed then. You are doomed to be forever young and curious.

What’d you say now? I’m not too wrong about you, am I?


20 Responses to “about you”
  1. Christiane says:

    Guessed well ;DDD
    I am just a translator (mostly for technical subjects and architecture) and I love architecture because I think it is art of communication on a huge scale – if the architect is able to transmit his message…
    Concerning my age I just quote my mother who uses to say “You will never grow up and get a lady”, whatever “lady” could be (perhaps you know?). In the meantime I became mother (son and daughter), I am living in Italy and I am always curious, as you supposed your readers are. I am so happy that I have found a site about architecture which uses a different point of view as the usual ones! I look up for more interesting posts of you 😀
    Compliments, christiane

    • Albert says:

      You made my day, Christiane from the country where Design is still an Art 🙂

  2. Marion says:

    We are made in God’s image so what better pursuit is there…we imagine it into existence…something from nothing or perhaps something from everything that has been sifted through our imaginations…I’m a filmmaker, a writer/director. I suspect you create spaces for people to move through and be inspired and become the best they can be. I create spaces where people can enter in and move through and be inspired and perhaps have a moment of empathy along the way. Modern film has the same problem for the most part as modern architecture, lack of vision.

    I may have used more clicks i followed you here from ASW. I’m glad I did. Thanks.

    • Albert says:

      Oh, “Lack of vision”! You nailed it. That’s why Empires fall…

  3. You are quirky. I love quirky. And philosophical. With a modern flair. Go for it! I look forward to reading your brain.

  4. Vladimir says:

    Hi, guess things are well !
    I’m a junior structural engineer, i like to work with creative architects…but now Financial crisis turn me to work for oil company Lukoil 😦 and now i design mostly industrial structures.
    I discover your web and this add colour in my gray work day!
    I am looking for more posts!
    Nice day and greetings from Black sea!

    • Albert says:

      Two things, Vladimir:
      A. Sooner or later the crisis will be over. (We are all affected in a certain way…)
      B. Architects like to work with intelligent and creative structural engineers. Trust me on that.

      It’s such a privilege to write for people like you. Thank you, colleague.

  5. a much needed and refreshing voice to add to the world of architecture and design discussion. thank you for saying it like it is – no pretense and floral words though your words may be colorful but that’s good! we need a bit of color in architectural verbiage. color is passion!

  6. Lynuz says:

    Awesome blog you got! However, I like to point out one lil error, which is your reader, me, am not smart. Why so? I chose architecture as my profession =P

    • Albert says:

      You are right. But by finding and reading my blog you have balanced the situation…

  7. Ketevan says:

    I’m in love with this world and doomed, and yes I’d rather be that!
    what a fantastic way on actually involving the reader and make us smile. With a mind like yours, your work must be something else, unimaginable to most !

  8. sergio salazar says:

    found your blog from http://www.slate.com
    glad I did… it’s irreverent, offensive, inspiring and unique.
    Thanks for write what’s in my mind most of the time but can’t put it down as eloquently as you do.

    • Albert says:

      Thanks, Sergio. Guess I am damn right… about you.

  9. Alina says:

    I like to solve the puzzles & invent new worlds. This is a good food for the brain. An architecture of the mind is more interesting for me than just architecture. You create a new reality, isn`t it? ps. I`m a children`s art teacher from Moscow.

  10. Natalia says:

    Albert, you are really one of the greatest miracles I have seen lately! Sooner or later you will be even more powerful than your creature in livejournal. You already are.
    Love you,
    Yours, burlesco.

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  12. Coy says:

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  15. F*ck it you are damn sooo right!, Forever young but wise.

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