Top11: architectural miracles that will NOT happen in 2011

Now… don’t get me wrong. I am not above you. Oh, no! We are all in the same shitty boat. I just accept fate humorously…


My project of the year 2010

…if I ever meet you, Bjarke Ingels, drinks on me. It will be my privilege.

Why? Here is why… (part IV: face it, architects)

Actually I think the architectural profession is dying. The sad part is architects and their special committees have done it to themselves in my opinion….

Why? Here’s why… (part III: taking care of business)

I am thankful to all my colleagues for their intelligent comments (we can’t call it comments, those are really smart little essays, that every architect who’s concerned with the future of the profession must read).

Why? Here’s why… (part II: evolution or adaptation?)

Why NOT to adapt? BECAUSE WE DESERVE BETTER. “We” means, us – architects: you (yes you), people on this board, people I describe in my blog…

Why? Here’s why… (part I)

Read it please. It’s not my personal, at times very subjective reflections. This is the voice of our profession.


How come that no one knows that behind every rich developer is a smart architect? It might be funny but this is so true. We are the brain of the project.

Let’s Build the New Economy

I say let the U.S. economy collapse. It’s not serving us anyway. Now before you go off and think I’m just a heretic who hates this country, please hear me out.

Color me softly

…And the houses are grey as well. That’s why all black-and-white photos are considered “highly artistic” here. They can make even shit look chic. Sorry.

Money, job & sex appeal: Top 10 misconceptions about architects

Architects wear funky glasses… Well… if you think that every Spaniard is an El-matador or every Frenchman has 2 mistresses…

POLL – What do you think of architect’s financial status

“My problem lies in reconciling my gross habits with my net income.” (Errol Flynn)

Pixel City

World Wide Web is full of weirdness, wacky stuff and reckless propaganda (not to mention the news, business reports and other pornography)

Form & Function: degradation of the dilemma

Instead of elegant forms we get monstrous deformations, instead of clear vision comes distorted chaos, instead of the original ideas repetitive self-caricatures are presented, instead of the music we hear cacophony…


…there are only few others that put the universal harmony and the idea before the egotistical ideological issues. And those are called Maestro. And that is Chipperfield.

POLL – Do you like modern ultra-tall skyscrapers?

“The more people smoke herb, the more Babylon fall.” (Bob Marley)

3T Architecture. What modern architects CAN do…

…architecture is not the top priority on the modern architects’ list. In fact all modern architects can be divided into 3 groups (not by the size, but by the nature of what they do), and those groups could be stylishly nicknamed 3T: Theoreticians, Talkers and Traders.


How many great people in the world art history are known by their first names only? Think of it. Not too many. Offhand I can recall only four. Leonardo. Raphael. Michelangelo. Zaha.


…architecture has become a game of who designs with fewer elements. And I do not mean Miesian precept known as “less is more”… I mean this obsession to turn architecture into empty boxes.

POLL – Would you be a famous …… ?

“What is important in life is life, and not the result of life.” (Goethe)

Ground Zero Mosque: nothing political – strictly Architecture.

I was just hoping to see an architectural story of the project, the story which is sadly disregarded through the noisy bedlam of political debate…


…God does not forsake his children easily – that’s why any shrine is always a real architecture. And any idolatry is not. It’s a WalMarchitecture.

The ugliest in UK or so much for “green” design.

Everyone said: “Look at the Emperor’s new clothes. They’re beautiful!” A child, however, who could only see things as his eyes showed them to him, went up to the carriage. “The Emperor is naked,” he said.

Poll – Title “ARCHITECT” could (should) be used by:

The truth is more important than the facts. (F. L. Wright)

“The Architect” by dEUS. So Rock-n-Roll is alive?

dEUS. I’ve reason to believe that what I find / Is gonna change the face of humankind / And all these years before, well I was blind / That’s my conclusion / ‘Cause I’m the architect…

Video – James H. Kunstler dissects suburbia

The immersive ugliness of our everyday environments in America is entropy made visible. We can’t overestimate the amount of despair that we are generating with places like this.

Poll – What is Architecture nowadays?

Are you sure you know WHAT is Architecture nowadays?

Architecture and Rock-n-Roll are dead.

Funny, but the best rock ballade of all times sounds very… architecturally, it’s called “Stairway to Heaven”. I think Frank Lloyd Wright would love Led Zeppelin, after all in the Guggenheim Museum he introduced pretty cool solution for such stairway…

Inception of Architecture

The main definition of this dreamy reality is Maze. Labyrinth. That’s the only architectural program Ariadne (remember the Greek mythology, right?) is given by her client. So how do you design a mystic infinite space linked to the relativity of time in that new dimension?

Sketch and the City

Sensual impressions of the architect: Paris, Moscow, Toronto. …If I were a woman I would like to conceive my child in Paris. …If I were a woman I would like to meet my lover in Moscow. …If I were a woman I would like to have my wedding dance in Toronto.