about reality


Here I’ll post my tweets & observations about perishable things. Forget about eternity. Pathetic reality only.





I see autumn in the rain of your teardrops… I am an architect ///

(please cry here >>)




…about music

If architecture is a frozen music why don’t you dance?

If architecture is a frozen music then avant-garde projects are a cacophony.

If architecture is a frozen music then modern buildings are a monotonous noise.


  • I decapitated a flawless structure of the French patisserie by eating that cherry from the top.
  • Guillotine is a perfect architectural project in which Form & Function are in an absolute harmony…
  • In some countries they chop off thief’s hand. This is fine by me. But what about the intellectual property thieves? Following this logic we should behead them…
  • Capital punishment should be kept for Nazi criminals and plagiarists.

…and that’s what I really think about plagiaristic pigs >>



  • October 4… Nobody have congratulated with the World Architecture Day.
  • October 5… Steve Jobs died. Eve, Isaac Newton, Steve Jobs – your apples have changed our world. iSad
  • October 10… Yesterday died Che and Lennon was born… Dreamers…


…about the profession

Architect is not a profession. It’s a mania.

Many people justify architects’ low income by a funny argument: “…on a plus side our profession is so interesting.” First of all, any profession is interesting. Objectively it would be wrong to assume that architecture is more interesting than a forex trading, medicine or a plumbing. Architecture is interesting for the professional architects. Subjectively. Secondly, why architect can’t make money by doing an “interesting job” only? Go tell a lawyer or a doctor that beyond their main job, they should get a “side project” after work. They will not understand what the heck are you talking about. While architect, in any country, knows exactly what’s your point. (You can see my point here >>)



  • Many architects instead of the calculated sum are placing on the Fee Proposal: Fuck me
  • You can’t be rich by being an architect. But the chances to be happy are pretty high.
  • Form? Function? Fuck! FINANCES!.


… about a non-existent dilemma

There is a famous dilemma in Architecture, so called “triple F” issue… It sounds something like that: “FormFollowsFunctionFollowsFormFollowsFunctionFollowsForm…” You got the idea. Many smart people have debated “what follows what”. I was also trying to “clarify” the point. I have even written an essay with the freakishly sophisticated title “Form & Function: Degradation of the Dilemma” (Gosh, I’m such a smart ass.) But here’s the thing. There is no such dilemma nowadays. ‘Cause there’s another “F” – Finances. That’s the most important Feature. The rest just follows it.



One Response to “about reality”
  1. Blessed is he who has found his work; let him ask not one other blessedness.
    Every son would prosper to understand that all successful business stands for the first step toward morality.

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