Sexy architects

…who cares about George Clooney when you see Michelle Pfeiffer as an architect in “One fine day”?


Everybody knows: architects are so-o-o sexy. Ever thought why?

Are we sexy because of the funky glasses or black blazers that we supposedly wear?… That would be too shallow. Besides, I’ve already told you about architects wearing glasses, bow ties & other nonsense… | see here

Are we sexy because we are smooth talkers and can sell illusions using sketchbook and sophisticated rhetoric? Maybe. However in that case Lawyers that can easily pass a rapist for a good citizen would be sexier. While they are boring as hell with all the money they make.

Are we sexy because we keep equilibrium of the artistic soul and rational behavior? Possibly. Although there are plenty of people effectively balancing their wild imagination with the realistic approach. Computer guys (those bastards sometimes call themselves IT architects) or scientists. Yet no one thinks they are sexy. Everybody thinks they are geeky… (Call yourself architect as long as you want, you are still geeks!)

Are we sexy because we reflect self-esteem and possess a universal knowledge? Pretty close. Yet again there are other professionals with strong will power and great wisdom. Teachers. Clearly – the profession. But with all due respect go ask your girlfriend if she prefers dating a teacher?


Demi Moore has dropped a millionaire Robert Redford for an architect Woody Harrelson in “Indecent proposal”


So why are we sexy?

See, sexy means you translate your spiritual strength into something physically appealing. Sexy means that starting from the pure spirituality you take your partner to the very peak of that physical joy, to the peak where the mental delight and the sensual feeling become one overpowering sensation. Non-architects call such peak an orgasm. And orgasm is something you can’t live without, once you’ve experienced it.

What architect does is a constant climb to that peak. Ideas, sketches, even drawings those are spiritual encouragement. The foreplay if you wish… And then the construction process comes, rough process full of energy, struggle, fight, and sweat. We erect buildings… Call it sex.


Wesley Snipes is working hard on the drafting table in “Jungle fever”


That’s it?  Oh, no…

Spiritual search and those energetic activities on the site (or should I say in bed?) suppose to lead us to the orgasm… oops! sorry… to the result: a beautiful building full of light and coziness. It’s amazingly useful and yet intangibly pleasing. It has a size, but as we know size doesn’t really matter as long as the touch of the master is there… It’s alive and yet indescribable as that grandiose feeling you get once the sex is great and the spirit is there. Do you know what this is?

It’s called love. Architect makes love to the world. Act of creation is an act of love. We don’t wear fashionable glasses, we don’t sell illusions, we don’t balance, and we don’t display our knowledge. We create. And this is why we are so damn sexy.


P.S. Writers are the only people who can compete with the architects. Ever met an architect who’s playing with the writing?

P.P.S. In 2010 a popular survey conducted by dating gurus ‘Drawing Down the Moon’ has shown that architects top the poll for the sexiest professionals beating doctors, teachers and fire-fighters to the punch.

I’m sure we would score the same result  in 1949. Look at Gary Cooper with Patricia Neal… Any doubts?

Gary Cooper as an architect in “Fountainhead” (1949)


7 Responses to “Sexy architects”
  1. Yoav Dariel says:

    Great stuff! Great explanation.. The only thing that puzzles me is, where was all that sexy atmosphere. My arch school was probably the most unsexy place on earth.. Maybe when you put them all together you get one big zero.

    • Albert says:

      I’m surprised by another thing… There’s a famous slogan: Sex sells.
      Why it doesn’t apply to the architects? I mean why we’re so sexy and yet so poor?

    • Fred says:

      Surely the problem is that Hollywood’s idea of architecture is sexy, but Hollywood’s ideas about most things are divorced from reality. Luckily, most people believe the Hollywood idea, so that’s cool. What architects need to remember when being sexy, it that it doesn’t matter how good or bad they are at architecture, they just need the right style and mystique!

      P.s The main character in ‘How I met your mother’ is also an architect and he seems to get some nice girls…

      • Albert says:

        There are tons of Hollywood flicks about stylish architects (all of them as far from reality as it can be), yet sexuality of our profession was established way before Lumière brothers invention. Hollywood just picked the trend… The real problem is that architects have never benefited (let’s use more aggressive word – capitalized) on their positive sexy-cool image. It’s nice to be loved but it doesn’t pay the bills…

  2. Greg says:

    Very cool! …and to mention a few more… Keanu Reeves in “The Lake House” 2006, also in 2006 “Breaking and entering” Jude Law… and Steve Martin not once but twice, 1992 “Housesitter” and the 2009 “Its complicated” where he wins over Maryl Streeps character over Alec Baldwin 🙂 But as you said before it’s not about the sexy-cool image.
    To compare it with Hollywood there is a lot of pretty faces but only the few make the millions. I’m sure there are many talented actors that never got the opportunity to showcase their talents and never will. They will work as a waiter/waitress for many more years until finally they break and take that bank job or a factory job… any other job that pays a “salary” and then they settle down in suburbia and always wonder…

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