There was nothing more stylish created in so called “modern architecture” since 1929…


Architectural Autumn of 2011

Guillotine is a perfect architectural project in which Form & Function are in an absolute harmony…

Anatomy of Architecture

I see passion in the arch of your hips. … I am an architect. ( )


Socrates, Plato, Rene Descartes, Leonardo da Vinci, Galileo Galilei, Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs…

Dead professions

You can live without an iPad or a vacuum-cleaner. You can even live without Wall Street financial system or without the oil supply from the Middle East.

People & Architecture

We never judge people by the exterior look only. Then why we judge architecture by the facades?…

Sexy architects

Ideas, sketches, even drawings those are spiritual encouragement. The foreplay if you wish… And then the construction process comes, rough process full of energy, struggle, fight and sweat. We erect buildings…Call it sex.


What does that mean: to be an Architect? If you’re the one you should know that the real architect…


This is really a mystery: how such an extraordinary and futuristic building could be designed and actually built in the country where any spark of talent and individualism was suppressed.

Cars, girls and architect

“Rich-people-driving-luxury-cars” stereotype is quite often (and unfortunately mistakenly) affiliated with the architects…

This is what we do?

Some of us even say we are married to architecture and our wives are simply our mistresses. This is more true than many of us may want to admit…

Architecture is above the abbreviations

I don’t care about AIA, OAA, RIBA or any other specific structures. I’m above it. Architecture is above it.

Architecturally obsolete absolute

…we refuse to recognize that absolute true and absolute evil exist and there are things (plenty of them) that are NOT fucking relative!

Why? Here is why… (part IV: face it, architects)

Actually I think the architectural profession is dying. The sad part is architects and their special committees have done it to themselves in my opinion….

Why? Here’s why… (part III: taking care of business)

I am thankful to all my colleagues for their intelligent comments (we can’t call it comments, those are really smart little essays, that every architect who’s concerned with the future of the profession must read).

Why? Here’s why… (part II: evolution or adaptation?)

Why NOT to adapt? BECAUSE WE DESERVE BETTER. “We” means, us – architects: you (yes you), people on this board, people I describe in my blog…

Why? Here’s why… (part I)

Read it please. It’s not my personal, at times very subjective reflections. This is the voice of our profession.

Let’s Build the New Economy

I say let the U.S. economy collapse. It’s not serving us anyway. Now before you go off and think I’m just a heretic who hates this country, please hear me out.

Color me softly

…And the houses are grey as well. That’s why all black-and-white photos are considered “highly artistic” here. They can make even shit look chic. Sorry.

Pixel City

World Wide Web is full of weirdness, wacky stuff and reckless propaganda (not to mention the news, business reports and other pornography)


…architecture has become a game of who designs with fewer elements. And I do not mean Miesian precept known as “less is more”… I mean this obsession to turn architecture into empty boxes.

Ground Zero Mosque: nothing political – strictly Architecture.

I was just hoping to see an architectural story of the project, the story which is sadly disregarded through the noisy bedlam of political debate…


…God does not forsake his children easily – that’s why any shrine is always a real architecture. And any idolatry is not. It’s a WalMarchitecture.

“The Architect” by dEUS. So Rock-n-Roll is alive?

dEUS. I’ve reason to believe that what I find / Is gonna change the face of humankind / And all these years before, well I was blind / That’s my conclusion / ‘Cause I’m the architect…

Sketch and the City

Sensual impressions of the architect: Paris, Moscow, Toronto. …If I were a woman I would like to conceive my child in Paris. …If I were a woman I would like to meet my lover in Moscow. …If I were a woman I would like to have my wedding dance in Toronto.

Hello ugly beautiful world!

We call ugly buildings – sufficient structures, ugly views and incompetence – freedom of religion and self-expression, ugly economics – free enterprise… We are full of crap, excuse my French! Our world is full of ugliness based on lies. And the amount of ugliness becomes critical…